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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy an IDS rifle instead of another semi auto belt fed?
A: IDS makes the only belt fed rifle that is multi caliber capable out of the box; all IDS rifles support all calibers we offer. In addition to this, IDS SAWs have features that set it aside from its competitors like an improved bipod, a more ergonomic rail system, suppressor ready threaded barrels, butt stocks that offer improved recoil management and proper cheek weld for using optics, and many other features. IDS belt fed rifles are not intended to replicate existing platfomrs; they are the next step in the evolution of belt feds.

Q: Can my IDS rifle be configured in 7.62mm even if the receiver says 5.56mm or vise versa?
A: Yes! Even though your receiver is marked as either 5.56mm or 7.62mm, a caliber conversion kit can be used to switch between calibers; the receivers are the same and capable of hosting either caliber.

Q: Can I use open bolt M249 parts in my IDS rifle?
A: Yes and no; you cannot put open bolt operating group or trigger components in your rifle. Other parts like barrels, stocks and top covers will work on your IDS rifle. Please be aware that many parts available on the open market are sold as new, but are in fact out of spec and will not function correctly, which is why they ended up on the open market. IDS does not warranty parts made by any other manufacturer and will not guarantee proper functionality if thrid party parts are used. Use open market parts at your own risk!

Q: Are your rifles legal to own?
A: Yes! All IDS rifles are closed bolt, semi automatic belt fed rifles that are not subject to any additional restrictions; if you can own an AR-15, you can own an IDS rifle.

Q: What ammunition should I use with my IDS rifle?
A: IDS recommmends the use of newly manufactured SAMMI spec 5.56mm NATO ammunition.

Q: Will my 5.56mm rifle work with .223 ammunition?
A: .223 is loaded to a lower pressure than 5.56mm. IDS rifles are optimized to funciton with 5.56mm ammunition, as the additional pressure helps to cycle the operating group and feed the belt. Keep in mind that unlike a magazine fed rifle, a belt fed must use gas pressure to cycle the gun AND feed the next round, whereas a magazine fed rifle has a spring in the magazine that feeds the rounds. This means that the gas system is taxed with more work on a belt fed, and the hotter 5.56mm ammunition is better suited to handle this. This does not mean that .223 will not work, only that 5.56mm will work better and using .223 may result in higher rates of stoppages such as short strokes.

Q: Will my 7.62mm rifle work with .308?
A: Yes. Commercial .308 is loaded to a higher pressure than 7.62mm NATO, and all IDS rifles in 7.62 are rated to handle either.

Q: Can I use steel cased ammunition with my IDS rifle?
A: IDS does not recommmend using steel case ammunition. Most steel case ammunition is underpowered and can have problems cycling the operating group. In addition, many brands of steel case ammunition use corrosive chemicals that cause accelerated barrel errosion.

Q: Can I put a PARA barrel on my IDS rifle?
A: Any rifle with a barrel length of less than 16" or an overall length of less than 26" is considered a short barreled rifle and subject to regulations under the National Firearms Act. All NFA rules apply.

Q: Can I suppress my IDS belt fed rifle?
A: Yes! All IDS rifles come with barrels that are threaded 5/8x24 regardless of caliber, and have a proper shoulder for timing muzzle devices. Please keep in mind that most suppressors were designed for use on magazine fed rifles, and may not stand up to the rigerous firing cycles that belt fed weapons are capable of.

Q: Will a suppressor damage my IDS belt fed rifle?
A: Conventional suppressor designs are known to cause an acceleration in cycling velocity which can result in additional wear and tear, leading to premature breakage of high stress components like bolts. Using a suppressor may not damage your rifle, but could cause premature failure of components compared to unsuppressed usage.