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Modernization for the Minimi M249 Mk46 Mk48

Updated Accessories & New Parts for the entire Minimi™ family of weapons.

Modernization parts for M249, Mk46, Mk48 and similar weapons. Folding charging handle, folding front sight, improved forward rail system, improved bipod, and an adapter to accept standard AR-pattern stocks are available for these weapons. Infantry Defense Systems manufactures new Minimi™-family parts and upgrades for any Minimi™-derived weapon. Contact IDS for quotes on replacement and refurbishment packages.  IDS manufacturers new, modernized belt-fed machine guns based on the Minimi™, M249, Mk46, and Mk48 designs. Modernized parts to improve ergonomics and add more military calibers are standard on IDS firearms. Replacement parts for existing M249, Mk46, Mk48, and other similar weapons are available in any quantity. On site refurbishment or repair contracts can be arranged. All ITAR restrictions apply on parts, refurbishment, and firearms. Contact IDS for quotes on standard and custom replacement and modernization packages. Minimi™ is a trademark of FN Herstal.