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The IDS SAW 556 is a belt fed, multi-caliber light machine gun, capable of firing both 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm, along with their derivative calibers. Weighing just under 16lbs unloaded, and 34 inches (76cm) long combnined with an ergonomic rail system and optic friendly butt stock, the IDS SAW 556 is one of the most user frinedly belt feds available, and is fully cross compatible with existing MINIMI/M249 based platforms.

  • Part No. IDSSAW556
  • Calibers: 5.56x45mm, 300 AAC BLK, 7.62x51mm, .260 REM, 6.5 CM
  • Overall Length: 34"/76cm
  • Barrel Length: 13.7"/34.8cm
  • Weight: 15.9lbs/7.2kg
  • Rate of Fire: 750-1200rpm
  • Effective Range: 800m - 1400m
  • Stock: M4 type, UBR
  • Capacity: 100/200 rounds
  • Finish: Corrosion and scratch resistant coating
  • Operation: Open bolt, gas piston
  • Fire Modes: Fire/safe
  • Safety: Cross bolt
  • Thread Pitch: 5/8 x 24 (all calibers)